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Estate agents say itís all about location, location, location. But for plenty of property investors itís just as much about rent, rent, rent.
The idea is that as long as the money is coming in each month from tenants then owners can weather almost any short-term storms in the property market. Prices can fall, pipes can leak and mortgage rates can edge up Ė the theory is that as long as a property is earning a decent income then its owner should ultimately come out the other side with a worthwhile investment.
But what if the rent dries up?
Insurance companies have been fast to offer landlords specialist policies that promise to keep the money coming in after a disaster. But rent protection policies can be confusing and landlords who opt for the wrong type of cover can still be left with serious cash flow problems after a claim.
If you want to protect your Rental income then find out more by clicking on the six key points.

Neil Simpson is a former Personal Finance Journalist of the Year and writes regularly on insurance, property and investment issues for the Mail on Sunday, City AM and many other publications.